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Research Opportunities

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The easiest way to keep track of research opportunities in the Teen StAR Lab is to sign up for our contact list. The information that you provide will only be used to notify you about opportunities with the Teen St.A.R. Lab, and will not be used or distributed in any other way. Providing this information does not mean that you have agreed to participate in a study, and you can request to be taken off this list at any time.

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We have Facebook and Twitter accounts where we post current research opportunities, updates on local events/activities, and educational articles related to adolescent development and mental health issues.

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If you would prefer to contact us directly to ask about current research opportunities or anything else, you are encouraged to contact the lab directly by calling (940-369-8135) or sending an e-mail ( You can also contact the lab director, Dr. Heidemarie Blumenthal at

Recent Research Studies

Adolescent Emotions and Health-related Behaviors

We looked at 14-17 year-old female adolescents in a study looking at the role of emotions in risky health-related behaviors. Eligible adolescents came into the lab to complete interviews, questionnaires, and a series of computer tasks, as well as provided six salivary (spit) samples and recieved compensation for the participation.

Three months after the appointment, the teens have been invited to complete a 30-minute phone call, for which they will be compensated $5.

Parents were also given the option to choose to participate in a brief (30 min) interview!

Click here for study flyer

SHEL Laboratory Collaboration (for adults)

We collaborated with our colleagues in the Sleep and Health in Everyday Life lab on two related studies for individuals ages 18-55 years interested in using an investigational product that contains cannabidiol (CBD; non-intoxicating part of the cannabis plant) and other over-the-counter substances (e.g., melatonin, linalool [component of lavender oil], limonene [component of citrus oil], and/or L-theanine [amino acid found in tea]).

The purpose of these studies was to see if a low, moderate dose of CBD (in combination with either melatonin and linalool, or linalool, limonene, and L-theanine) is effective for improving rest, relaxation, and mood.

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