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Course Offerings

Most psychology departments have requirements to help prepare their undergraduate majors for graduate school or employment upon graduation. It is also wise to select undergraduate courses to give you breadth in the overall field of psychology, so that you are knowledgeable about several of the fundamental areas of psychology (cognitive, developmental, personality, physiological, and social). Students who are aiming for more practical experience should plan to become involved in research early in their undergraduate career. This is essential skill building for graduate study in psychology and can add a practical skill set for students seeking to enter the workforce. Undergraduates may also gain course credit through PSY 2900, 4900, or 4910: Special Problems, in which they work with a faculty member one-on-one to address a specific problem of interest. Working with our faculty on research will helps students gain more knowledge about research design and statistics, which looks amazing on a graduate application or resume. For more information regarding undergraduate research opportunities please visit our Research Opportunities page.

*If you want to be involved in PSYC 2900, 4510, 4900, 4910, 4950, or PSYC 4951 you must complete a Special Registration Form. You must also receive approval from a psychology department professor. For PSYC 4950 and 4951 you must find a faculty mentor that agreed to assist with your thesis before registering.