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Welcome to the Graduate Association of Students in Psychology (G.A.S.P.)

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What is G.A.S.P.?
G.A.S.P. is the one and only student-run and student-funded organization for graduate students in the Department of Psychology at UNT. As a student organization, we serve four important functions within the department. First and foremost, we are a liaison between graduate students and the faculty and staff of the department. Second, we host professional development events that cover topics not learned in traditional classes. Thirdly, we organize social events throughout the year to foster a sense of community within the department, as well as provide needed breaks from academia. Lastly, G.A.S.P. provides leadership opportunities for students in the department of psychology. These four major functions are described below.

Liaisons -
It is a very common experience for grad students to have questions or concerns about topics that they feel uncomfortable discussing with faculty or staff. Often the voice of the student can be lost amid courses, practicum, and other responsibilities. Our officers and representatives strive to provide ways for concerns to be heard. ALL elected members are open to hearing student concerns at any time and we often distribute surveys addressing common concerns, which are then relayed to the department. If you are a grad student in the department that has a question or concern, do not hesitate to tell G.A.S.P.!

Professional Events -
While graduate school teaches us many things, there are still areas of information and training that are not covered in classes or provided by advisors on a regular basis. G.A.S.P. attempts to fill some of these holes by hosting speakers on a variety of topics. Recent events have included: (a) student panels on adjusting to new roles such as TA/TF positions, (b) invited addresses on topics such as liscensing, setting up a practice, working at a VA, etc., and (c) alumni panels with tips on taking comps., applying for internship, and finding a job. Perhaps our most consistent event is the annual Externship Fair, which is held each Spring. Psychologists from around the area with established externship positions attend this fair and provide information about their site. This is a great way to get a lot of information at once and it often leads to a lot of rewarding practicum placements.

Social Events -
Social events are the most obvious face of G.A.S.P. Held throughout the year, these events are meant to bring the department together outside of work and provide some fun and relaxation. Annual events include the Orientation Happy Hour, Welcome Picnic, Halloween Party, Game/Field Days, Spring Party, and an end-of-the-year Talent Show.

Leadership Opportunities -
G.A.S.P. officers and representatives are elected each Spring for the following academic year. Positions include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Social and Community Chair. In addition, each of the four programs has two student representatives and there are two representatives who are liaisons to the graduate school. These positions offer varying levels of responsibility and provide students an opportunity to have a leadership role in the department. Many find the positions very rewarding and in addition, they look good on your C.V.!

Nominations are typically held in April, and anyone interesting in running for office can be nominated as long as they are in good standing with the department.

All of our events, surveys, and election materials are communicated via email, so be on the lookout for the latest G.A.S.P. news in your inbox!

Our Funding -
G.A.S.P. is entirely run and funded by the graduate students of the department. This means that we operate solely with collected membership dues, which are only $15 for the entire year. This covers everything from photocopies, facilities, and travel expenses for our speakers, to the food, beverages, and locations for social events. When you are a member of G.A.S.P., you are guaranteed free entry to all our events and your membership pays for itself very quickly. Additionally, although our professional events are open to all students, they would be impossible to host if we did not have money to pay for them. You can pay any time during the year, but the earlier the better!

Contact -
If you have any questions or comments about G.A.S.P. please email us at:

And remember, G.A.S.P. officers and representatives are available for you....

Your 2022-2023 GASP officers:

GASP Officers

President: Kamar Tazi

Vice President: Julian Yoon

Treasurer: Lauren Kemble

Secretary: Ella Commerce

Social Chairs: Jordan Donson & Will Pan

Community Service Chair: Kasey Chambers

Program Representatives

Behavioral Science Representatives: Banan Ramadan & Madasen Briggs

Clinical Psychology Representatives: Bridgette Carroll & Charlie Su

Counseling Psychology Representatives: Sabrina Zuniga & Dafina Chisolm-Salau