Psychology Advocates for Social Change (PASC) | Department of Psychology

Psychology Advocates for Social Change (PASC)

PASC's (Psychology Advocates for Social Change) mission is to promote inclusivity and advocate for the social, psychological, & physical welfare of all people.

Psychological science strives to understand the human condition and promote the welfare of all people through theory, research, practice, and compassion. Despite an increasing focus in recent years on multiculturalism and serving diverse populations, the field remains tentative in advocating for social change, such that marginalized groups can gain equitable access to instruments for self-determination.

Members of PASC:

President: Cassandre Jean-Ceide

Secretary: Deisy Gonzalez-Zapata

Financial Coordinator: Darlene Ngo

Outreach Coordinator: Macey Arnold

Action Coordinator: Madasen Briggs & Charlie Su

Membership Coordinator: Julian Yoon

Communications Coordinator: McKenzie Watson