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Scholarship Funds

Thank you for considering a gift towards these scholarship funds.



Louis C. Weber Scholarship Fund

· Award to Outstanding Undergraduate Student

Provide scholarships for students enrolled in any degree program offered by the Department of Psychology.

Charlotte Friedersdorff-Boyd Mem. Schol.

· Award to Outstanding Graduate Student

Provide scholarships for Doctoral, Masters, and Undergraduate students in Department of Psychology at the University.

Frank Collins Memorial Scholarship

Doctoral students in good standing seeking a degree in one of the APA accredited programs in the Department of Psychology.

Preference will be given to applicants preparing for an academic or research career.

Ernest H. Harrell Memorial Scholarship

Provide scholarships for advanced graduate students (at least 3rd year) in the Psychology Department at the University.

At least one publication or presentation at a national conference; area of interst and research in general area of physicological, health, neuropsychology stress etc.; planning or shows promise in academics as a career.

Dr. G. Frank Lawlis Scholarship

Provide scholarships for graduate students in Counseling Psychology at UNT.

Ray Johnson Counseling Psychology Scholarship

To provide scholarships for students entering the Counseling Psychology PhD program.

Anna Wright Memorial Scholarship

Clinical Psychology doctoral student at UNT, who demonstrate strong academic performance.

Ways to contribute to Scholarship Funds

I. Send a check or money order to the Department of Psychology

  1. Make payable to: UNT Department of Psychology
  2. In the memo field, note: Scholarship Fund (PLEASE INDICATE WHICH SCHOLARSHIP BY NAME)
  3. Mail to: Department of Psychology, 1155 Union Circle #311280, University of North Texas, Denton, TX 76203-5017

II. Send a credit card gift on-line

  1. Direct your web browser to
  2. Enter your name and the amount you wish to contribute.
  3. Choose "other" in the "Designation 1" dropdown box.
  4. Enter "Scholarship Fund (including the specific scholarship by name)" in the "Other Area 1:" field.
  5. Click the "Click to pay" button.
  6. Choose method of payment and click "Continue".
  7. Enter your credit card and contact information, then click "Continue".
  8. Review the charge and click "Confirm" if correct.