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Behavioral Science


The Behavioral Science (BSci) Program at the University of North Texas provides training for students interested in careers in behavioral research and teaching. Most students who are admitted aspire to a position in academics; however, opportunities for employment in private industry or research institutes also exist.

The program offers students training in both basic and applied research. Focus is on high quality training with intensive student-faculty involvement in joint research. Students are expected to participate actively in research with faculty members throughout their tenure in the program. This emphasis on one-to-one training allows students to acquire research skills while working on projects leading to publication or grant application. Students will eventually develop advanced knowledge and research expertise in one or more specialty area(s).

Faculty Specialty Areas

Dr. Heidemarie Blumenthal - stress, coping, and risk behaviors among adolescents and emerging adults. Teen St.A.R. Laboratory website.

Dr. Adriel Boals - coping with stress and trauma, autobiographical memory, PTSD, and posttraumatic growth. Boals Laboratory website.

Dr. Casey Guillot - disposition, emotion, and addiction research, with a current focus on anxiety and smoking. DEAR Laboratory website.

Dr. Kimberly Kelly - immune and endocrine systems involved in the stress response. Kelly Laboratory website.

Dr. Ryan L. Olson - Sport and Exercise Psychology, with an emphasis on implementing psychophysiological techniques to identify neural biomarkers of disease. Olson Laboratory website.

Dr. Anthony Ryals - Cognitive and psychophysiological factors involved in intact and disrupted memory, learning, and awareness. Ryals Laboratory website.

Dr. Danica Slavish - longitudinal associations between sleep, stress, emotion, and health. SHEL Laboratory website

Dr. Donald Dougherty - alcohol substance abuse. TARC Lab website

Faculty on Modified Service:

Dr. Rex Wright: Currently at University of Texas Dell School of Medicine:

Emeritus Faculty:

Dr. Bert Hayslip

Dr. Yolanda Flores Niemann

Philosophy and Objectives:

The Behavioral Science program at the University of North Texas immerses students in scientific inquiry to prepare them for prominent roles as researchers and teachers in universities and as research consultants in business and industry, counseling centers, hospitals, mental health centers, medical schools and rehabilitation services. Students participate in investigation from the beginning of their training in the university's laboratories and interdisciplinary research centers.

Opportunities for Graduate Students:

The Behavioral Science program provides specialized training in human research while remaining flexible to accommodate individual interests. All students are expected to acquire expertise in research methodology and statistical analysis and for this reason, all students must meet in addition to a departmental core requirement, a Behavioral Science core course requirement.

Application Process:

The deadline for applications is December 1st. Please visit our admissions portal for more information: (Click here for Graduate Application).

Our program no longer requires the GRE General Test.

THECB Marketable Skills

  1. Oral and written communication
  2. Research data collection/interpretation
  3. Current event knowledge
  4. Idea origination/implementation
  5. Statistical analysis

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