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Psychology Advisors

A psychology advisor works with you to identify and articulate your personal and professional short and long-term goals in psychology. You will work collaboratively with you advisor to explore and choose psychology courses, as well as experiential learning and co-curricular opportunities provided at UNT. Your advisor will answer questions and provide clarification about psychology courses, majoring or minoring in psychology, completing degree plans for a B.A. or B.S. in psychology, which elective psychology courses to take, and applying for graduate programs in psychology. They will also help connect you with resources that can facilitate your success within our program.

How does that differ from my general academic advisor?

For more general information regarding academics, schedule an appointment with your general academic advisor. The academic advising office is the place to go for assistance in regarding your core coursework (e.g., advising for courses/schedule planning, graduation checks), advising holds and advising codes, academic alert/probation/suspension and evaluating transfer courses for core credit. Your general academic advisor can also help with degree and certification program planning, clarifying university policies and procedures, and supporting overall academic development and success.

For more information visit

Click this link to schedule a general academic advising appointment with the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences:

You can also call 940 - 565- 2051 to schedule an appointment

Meeting with my psychology advisor

The department has a wonderful team of faculty advisors who you can meet with to discuss your degree plans. Please schedule an appointment with them through Navigate.

Frequently Asked questions

I'm having difficulty registering for a PSYC Course. What should I do?

  • Verify if you have met the prerequisites required to take the course. If you have email In your email please state your (1) name and 8-digit student ID number, (2) how you have already fulfilled the prerequisites, and (3) the PSYC course, section, and CRE number of the course you would like to register for.
  • Example email: My name is Sally Jones (ID number: 12345678). I took 12 hours of PSYC at community college. Please enroll me in PSYC 4610.001 (CRE number: 3609).

What is the difference between majoring with a B.A. or a B.S. in psychology?

  • Check out our Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science webpages for further information about the differing degree plans. If you want further information please come visit us during walk-in hours to choose the degree plan that is best works for you!

How do I know what psychology courses UNT offers?

  • Because UNT offers many psychology electives from a variety of disciplines, we recommend that you focus on getting a broad view of psychology by taking electives focused on different subject matters. Visit our Course Offering page to see a complete list of Psychology courses offered at UNT. Please note that courses may not be offered every semester, so plan accordingly.

Should I pick a minor? And what should I minor in?

  • Many students select a minor as a way to learn about another discipline, broaden their college learning experience, and steer them towards their chosen career path. Minors also help students earn additional advanced hours to achieve the minimum 42 advanced hours in order to graduate. Many psychology students minor in fields including Women's Studies, Sociology, Foreign Language, LGBTQ+ Studies, English, Criminal Justice, or Management. Schedule with your general academic advisor to see what minor is best for you.

What do I do to prepare for graduation?

  • Graduation is handled by the College of Liberal Arts and Social Science (CLASS) general academic advisors. You should ensure you are meeting your academic advisor at least once a year to check on your progress with your intended degree. The semester before you intend to graduate, you need to complete a graduation check with a CLASS advisor. For more information about graduation, visit to learn about applying for graduation and schedule an appointment with a CLASS advisor ( or call 940-565-2051).

How do I prepare for applying to graduate school for psychology?

  • The psychology advisors are well-trained in discussing decisions about graduate study as well as providing tips for applying to graduate programs. Please visit our office hours to consult us in your decision-making. For more information about graduate school in psychology, visit our Applying to Graduate School page. Please note that our advising office holds 4 one-hour presentations each semester on this topic!

What kind of careers can I do with a psychology degree?

  • Check out the APA guide to Career Paths in Psychology to learn more about the opportunities you can have with a psychology degree.