Scholarships and Awards for Current Graduate Students | Department of Psychology

Scholarships and Awards for Current Graduate Students

Application for general department scholarships and awards opens December 20th. Deadline to apply is March 5th, 2024.

The Psychology Department Scholarship Committee annually awards graduate scholarships and honorary awards to doctoral students based on academic excellence, merit, and other criteria. Only students who are currently enrolled in the doctoral program are eligible to apply. The availability and amount of each award is determined annually. Some awards do not have a monetary component are and are strictly honorary.

***These awards require the recipient to abide by the graduate credit hours at the time of the award being received. For example, if you are enrolled in 9 credit hours at the time of applying, you still need to meet the 9 credit hour enrollment when it is awarded if it is a requirement of the award.

  • Charlotte Friedersdorff-Boyd Memorial Scholarship for Outstanding Graduate Student*

  • Anna Wright Memorial Scholarship

  • Frank Collins Memorial Scholarship

  • Rogers Academic Career Award in Clinical Psychology (RACA)

  • Rogers Excellence Award in Clinical Psychology (REA-CP)

  • Bonney Honor Student in Psychology Award

  • Ladenberger Honor Student in Psychology Award

  • Psychology Teaching Fellow Award

  • Outstanding Dissertation Award

  • Outstanding Thesis Award

  • Outstanding Scholarly Publication Award

To read about recent award winners, visit:


  1. Students must be a doctoral student in good standing in the Department of Psychology at the time of application.
  2. Students must be currently enrolled at UNT.
  3. Each scholarship has its own set of eligibility criteria. (See attachment) for full eligibility requirements for each award.
  4. Students awarded scholarships must sign the Scholarship Agreement and provide a thank you letter to the scholarship donor, as well as a short biography and narrative of accomplishments.

How to Apply: (See attachment below)

Complete the Application Cover Page (See attachment below to download during application period) and submit the form and other application materials together in an email to

We encourage all students to apply for the dissertation, thesis, and scholarly publication award, if eligible. Beyond these, however, you may only apply to two more additional awards each year. If you have won a specific award in the past, then you are not eligible for that award.

Please note that the application package must include specific items based on the individual award. The required documents are listed below each award. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Application for general department scholarships and awards open December 20th. The deadline to apply is March 5th.

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Advanced Graduate Student Awards

Application for the three scholarships for advanced graduate students (who do not have other funding) opens December 20th. The deadline to apply is March 5th.

Click HERE for application instructions and cover page for the following three scholarships:

  • $1,000 Advanced Scholar Award (Ray W. Johnson Counseling Psychology Scholarship Fund)
  • Charlotte Friedersdorff-Boyd Memorial Scholarship-Graduate Student Award
  • Texas Instruments Scholarship-Graduate Student Award

Please read carefully to ensure that you meet full eligibility requirements.