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Graduate Coordinator's Virtual Office

The Graduate Coordinator's office services the needs of all of the graduate programs in the Department of Psychology, including admissions and alumni services.

Since Graduation is perhaps the most exciting time that you'll work with us, let's cover that process first!

Graduate Students are strongly encouraged to forecast and apply for graduation a semester in advance of the actual Thesis or Dissertation Defense. Now that you've projected the date (a semester in advance), you should apply for graduation via the TSGS graduation web portal. In addition to meeting Toulouse requirements, the department manual requires that the Department Chair receive an electronic copy of the dissertation 2 weeks prior to the scheduled defense. Please submit that electronic copy via the Graduate Coordinator's office along with a properly formatted abstract for the required public announcement of your defense meeting (see the Graduate Student Handbook for directions on how to format the abstract for the public announcement).

As always, if you are unclear on any of the steps, we are here to help guide you through the process. Stop by and we'll walk you through the process

Of course, our office works with you throughout your graduate training years. Most forms will be routed through our office.

In fact, all forms and/or documents requiring the Chair's signature should be routed through our office. We'll coordinate obtaining Dr. Campbell's signature and route further if needed (e.g., to Toulouse).

Internships constitute a full year of work. Please be aware that the start/end dates of the internship may impact your official graduation date from UNT.

Special Notes:

The Continuous Enrollment policy of the Toulouse Graduate School requires that once enrollment has begun students must maintain continuous enrollment in a minimum of 3 semester hours of thesis/dissertation during each fall and spring term/semester, up to and including the term/semester the thesis/dissertation is accepted by the dean of the Toulouse Graduate School. The requirement to enroll does not end with the defense. Students must continue to enroll until the paper is submitted to the Graduate School. If you will be using university facilities or faculty time during the summer, or defend your thesis/dissertation, or submit your defended paper to the Graduate School in the summer, you must be enrolled in thesis/dissertation during that summer.

Below are common forms or materials that students often request from our office. If you know which form you need and what to do with it, you may download them from here and save yourself an errand.

Please submit all paperwork to us at

2018-2019 Graduate Student Manual

2018-2019 Psychology Clinic Manual

Transfer/Course Substitution Request
*requires syllabus for review

Pass-Through Master's Program Application
*required and must precede Master's Degree Plan

Master's Degree Plan
*requires at least 30 hours
*clarification: indicate the date Pass Through Commences (i.e., x Fall 2020)
*transferring courses from another university; please list the course number from the prior university; NOT the UNT course

Doctoral Degree Plan
*residency clarification: 2 consecutive long terms at UNT and 1 adjoining summer session/term at UNT semesters of 9 credit hours (i.e., Fall '20 - Spring '21)

Doctoral Candidacy Student Form
*students should complete this supplemental form after passing comps

Change in Degree Plan
*includes modifying committee members

Designation of Outside Member for Dissertation Committee

R53 Request for Posting Special Title/Topic/Subject - Special Problems
*request for course title substitution should be sent within 30 days of the succeeding semester

Program Requirement Waiver Form

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