Kiet D. Huynh | Department of Psychology

Kiet D. Huynh

Assistant Professor
TH 336

Kiet D. Huynh, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

PhD: University of Miami

Internship: University of California-Berkeley

Postdoctoral Training: Clinical Postdoc from University of California-Berkeley Counseling & Psychological Services; research postdoc from Palo Alto University's Center for LGBTQ+ Evidence-Based Applied Research

Research interest: Risk (e.g., stigma, discrimination, and internalized oppression) and resilience (e.g., connection to minority communities and identity pride) factors for LGBTQ+ and/or BIPOC populations, intersectionality, mental health disparities for marginalized communities, and scale validation and development.

Intersectional Wellbeing Lab link:

Dr. Huynh will be taking new students for the 2024 Admissions Cycle.