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Undergraduate Program

Welcome to the Department of Psychology! We have a lot to offer you whether you come to our department to fulfill requirements or to select psychology as your major. In psychology courses you will learn a new way of thinking and gain valuable information about yourself and others around you.

You may be interested in our department to complete required courses in the University Core. Our two introductory courses (Psyc 1630 and Psyc 1650) fit the Social and Behavioral Science requirements. Also, Psyc 2580, Health Psychology, fits one of the two requirements for Understanding the Human Community.

Alternatively, you may be interested in a major or minor in psychology. (18 hours total 6 must be advanced level classes, 3XXX or 4XXX.)

We have more than 1,000 majors because the scientific study of feeling, thinking, and behavior is relevant for a very broad range of professions. Our goal is to educate undergraduates in the scientific basis of psychological knowledge and expose students to the many ways that knowledge is applied in everyday life. Undergraduate majors should get involved with research early, working directly with faculty members and graduate students on scientific research. So talk to the advisors about the type of research programs our faculty members are engaged in then contact the faculty member. (E-mail is a good way to introduce yourself.) Research conducted by some members of our department is designed to contribute to the scientific and theoretical knowledge base, whereas research by others is designed to alleviate human problems and enhance the quality of life. Our undergraduate programs leading to a BS or BA are rigorous so that majors are adept at critical thinking and prepared for life-long learning. If you plan to go to graduate school, consider doing an Honor's Thesis that usually takes at least two semesters to complete. Be sure to check out the link to Psi Chi, our active chapter of the psychology honor society.


Dr. Vicki L. Campbell

Associate Professor and Chair

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