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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Psychology

*Below are the new degree requirements starting for the Fall 2021 catalog.**

For continuing students, if you are already on an earlier catalog, please call our Advising Office (940-565-2051) to schedule a meeting to see which catalog would be the best fit for you.

Hours and gpa requirements

Students must earn at least 120 total hours, of which 42 must be advanced level (3000 or 4000 level).

  • To meet residency requirements, a minimum of 18 hours of psychology coursework must be taken at UNT, and 12 of those hours must be advanced level.

Required to earn a minimum of 2.5 Psychology Major GPA, 2.0 UNT GPA, and 2.0 overall GPA to graduate with this degree.

Degree requirements

Download the B.S. Checklist Document to track your progress

14 hours of Psychology Core (all are required):

*Students must take MATH 1680 before they are able to take PSYC 2317/3317

**Students must earn a C or better in ENGL 1320 (or TECM 2700) before they can take PSYC 3630

9 Hours of Psychology Foundations (all are required)

6 hours of Brain & Behavior (choose 2):

3 hours of Applied Psychology (choose 1):

PSYC 3520, PSYC 3530, PSYC 3630, PSYC 4110, PSYC 4480, PSYC 4510, PSYC 4850, PSYC 4900, or PSYC 4910

3 hours of Diversity & Inclusion (choose 1):

3 hours of Health & Development (choose 1):

3 hours of Psychopathology & Personality (choose 1):

Check out pgs. 14-16 for a 4-Year Example Degree Plan in our Undergraduate Manual.

To compare the Old Degree Requirements with the New, please download this helpful Excel highlighting the differences.