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Congratulations Nikki Nielsen for having her poster accepted for presentation at the Texas Psychological Association Conference.

Congratulations Chelsi and Brooke for having their poster accepted for presentation at Psychonomics.

Congratulations to Megan for having her poster accepted at APS 2020.

Congratulations to Kirby for having her poster accepted at Psychonomics 2020

Current lab openings:

*The UNT Neurocognitive Lab is currently accepting graduate students for the coming year (2021). Please refer to the Behavioral Science Website for current application information for prospective students*

Requirements for a letter of recommendation from Dr. Ryals:

1. Optimally, you will want to have been in good standing in two of my classes, (or in the top 10% of one class) in addition to meeting with me at least once during office hours. This is to ensure that I have the appropriate information to determine whether I can provide you with a quality recommendation, and that I have enough context to tailor your letter appropriately.

2. For either graduate school application letters or industry job letters I will need the following materials in either paper or digital format at least 3 weeks prior to the first letter deadline:

-A detailed list (spreadsheets work well) of the programs/jobs you are applying to, the mode of letter submission (paper or digital), a link to the program website, the formal name of the program, and letter deadline dates. The more information you can provide me in this list, the more thorough I can be. For instance, a brief statement for each program describing how you fit, and key areas of research within the program you are interested in are useful pieces of information.

-A current CV. Don't worry about it not being long and extensive, your CV will grow over time. Just make sure it is formatted and edited appropriately. For industry jobs, a resume with previous experience works.

-Any statements of purpose or personal statements you are including in your applications, even if they are only in early draft stages.

-You may include a short writing sample, GRE scores, or additional information that will help me.

3. Communication is key for letter writers. Please provide current contact information, and don't be bashful about checking in on the progress of your letter(s).

Useful Links:

The Psychonomic Society:

The Cognitive Neuroscience Society:

The Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology:

The Association for Psychological Science:

The Laboratory for Human Neuroscience at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine:

The Cleary Memory Laboratory at Colorado State University:

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