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Representative Publications

  • Cleary, A.M., Ryals, A.J., & Wagner, S.R. (2016). Degree of semantic overlap increases the recognition without cued-recall effect: Support for a feature matching account of RWCR. Memory and Cognition, 44(1): 50-62.

  • Ryals, A.J., Wang, J.X., Brandstatt, K. L., & Voss, J.L. (2015). Hippocampal contribution to implicit configuration memory expressed via eye movements during scene exploration. Hippocampus. 25(9): 1028-1041.

  • Ryals, A.J., Rogers, L.M., Gross, E.Z., Brandstatt, K.L., & Voss, J.L. (2015). Associative recognition memory awareness improved by theta-burst stimulation of frontopolar cortex. Cerebral Cortex. (advanced online publication) doi: 10.1093/cercor/bhu311.

  • Wang, J.X., Rogers, L.M., Gross, E.Z., Ryals, A.J., Dokucu, M.E., Brandstatt, K.L., Hermiller, M.S., & Voss, J.L. (2014). Targeted enhancement of cortical-hippocampal brain networks and associative memory. Science, 345(6200): 1054-1057.

  • Ryals, A.J. & Voss, J.L. (Forthcoming). The outer limits of implicit memory. In the Wiley-Blackwell Handbook on the Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory A. Duarte, M. Barense, and D.R. Addis, (Eds.). John Wiley & Sons.

  • Ryals, A.J. & Voss, J.L. (2013). Connections between mechanisms for anosognosia and implicit memory. Cognitive Neuroscience. (3-4): 202-203.

  • Cleary, A.M., Ryals, A.J., & Nomi, J.S. (2013). Intuitively detecting what is hidden within a visual mask: Familiar-novel discrimination and threat detection for unidentified stimuli. Memory and Cognition, 41(7): 989-99.

  • Ryals, A.J., Cleary, A.M., & Seger, C.A. (2013). Recall versus familiarity when recall fails for words and scenes: The differential roles of the hippocampus, perirhinal cortex, and category-specific cortical regions. Brain Research, 1492: 72-91.

  • Ryals, A.J. & Cleary, A.M. (2012). The recognition without cued recall phenomenon: Support for a feature-matching theory over a partial recollection account. Journal of Memory and Language, 66: 747-762.

  • Ryals, A. J., Yadon, C. A., Cleary, A.M., & Nomi, J.S. (2011). When Word Identification Fails: ERP Correlates of Recognition without Identification and of Word Identification Failure. Neuropsychologia, 49(12): 3224-3237.

  • Cleary, A.M., Brown, A.S., Sawyer, B.D., Nomi, J.S., Ajoku, A.C., & Ryals, A.J. (2012). Familiarity from the Configuration of Objects in 3-dimensional Space and its Relation to Déjà vu: A Virtual Reality Investigation. Consciousness and Cognition, 21(2): 969-975.

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