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Alumni Outcomes

Via an Alumni Survey, graduates of our program across the most recent 10-year period were asked to rate the program on a scale of 1-100 with respect to how well they felt the program had prepared them on multiple elements associated with profession-wide competencies (PWC). Aggregation of that data indicates that our alumni feel very positively about the preparation they received from the program in each PWC. The following grand averages were computed with the respective PWC noted parenthetically: 90.8 (Research); 91 (Ethical and Legal Standards); 89.8 (Individual and Cultural Diversity); 90.4 (Professional Values and Attitudes); 93.4 (Communication and Interpersonal Skills); 93.4 (Assessment); 87 (Intervention); 89 (Supervision), and 78.8 (Consultation and Interprofessonal/Interdisciplinary Skills).

Our alumni also provided information regarding their career activities. Grand averages indicate that 98.6% of alumni have engaged in direct clinical service delivery; among those, 100% engaged in evidence-based assessment or psychotherapy practice. Similarly, 94.9% of alumni have engaged in consultation, in-services, or peer supervision and, among those doing such activities, 100% advised others to use evidence-based approaches or to approach their clinical work scientifically. More broadly, 94.0% have helped others to engage in evidence-based practice. Supervision of clinical work is provided by 78.0% of the alumni from the Clinical Psychology doctoral program. Of those doing such work, 91.7% taught evidence-based assessment or psychotherapy. Beyond supervision, 76.6% of alumni taught or mentored undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral trainees, or allied health professionals. In that capacity, 91.8% taught others how to engage in scientific research, consider the scientific bases of clinical psychology, or how to engage in evidence-based practice. Most alumni have continued to engage in dissemination activities (72.4%) and the majority have conducted original research in clinical psychology after leaving the program (57.64%).

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