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Prospective Students

The Behavioral Science program provides specialized training in human research while remaining flexible to accommodate individual interests. All students are expected to acquire expertise in research methodology and statistical analysis and for this reason, all students must meet in addition to a departmental core requirement, a Behavioral Science core course requirement.

Philosophy and Objectives:

The Behavioral Science program at the University of North Texas immerses students in scientific inquiry to prepare them for prominent roles as researchers and teachers in universities and as research consultants in business and industry, counseling centers, hospitals, mental health centers, medical schools and rehabilitation services. Students participate in investigation from the beginning of their training in the university's laboratories and interdisciplinary research centers.

Academic Requirements

The minimum criteria for consideration for admission are 24 hours of coursework in psychology or a related field (12 hours of advanced coursework) plus the following:

PhD minimum criteria for application requires one of the following six:

• 3.0 GPA overall on the BA

• 3.5 GPA on the last 60 hours of the BA

• 3.5 GPA in undergraduate psychology course work

• 3.5 GPA on a completed master's degree (exclusive of practicum and thesis)

• Completed doctoral degree in another field

• First or second author on an article in a peer-reviewed scientific or professional journal

Application Process:

The deadline for applications is December 1st. Please visit our admissions portal for more information: (Click here for Graduate Application).

Our program no longer requires the GRE General Test.

Faculty Taking Students for Dec 1, 2024 Deadline: Heidemarie Blumenthal, Kim Kelly (will only consider students with a Master's Degree), Ryan Olson, Anthony Ryals, Casey Guillot, and Don Dougherty. If you are interested in applying to work with a specific faculty member, we encourage you to email that faculty member for a preliminary discussion.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. I do not have an undergraduate major in Psychology. Can I still apply?
    1. Yes. Having an undergraduate Psychology major is preferred but not required. You are meeting the academic requirement for application if you have completed 24 semester credits of Psychology courses (broadly defined). Among these 24 credits, 12 of them must be at the advanced level and you must have taken statistics.
  2. Is the GRE required to apply?
    1. No. We no longer require GRE scores.
  3. How do I apply?
    1. In order to apply, applicants must submit TWO applications: one for the UNT Toulouse graduate school and one for the UNT psychology department.
    2. To apply to the UNT Toulouse graduate school, applicants must submit an application to UNT on the ApplyTexas website. Applicants MUST complete an application on ApplyTexas before completing the application for the UNT psychology department.
    3. After completing the application on ApplyTexas for the UNT Toulouse graduate school, applicants will complete the application for the UNT psychology department.
  4. Does the Behavioral Science program follow the mentor model?
    1. Yes. Students admitted to our program are assigned to a faculty member who serves as their primary research mentor. There needs to be a good match between the research interests of the faculty member and the student. In their cover letters and/or personal statements, applicants should specify which faculty they wish to work with and discuss the match in research interests.
  5. Can I identify more than one potential research advisor in my application?
    1. Yes. In their application submitted to the Department, each applicant may list up to 3 program core faculty members they are interested in working with.
  6. When is the application deadline?
    1. The application deadline for the Fall admission of a particular academic year is on December 1st of the previous year. For instance, if you would like to apply for admissions in Fall 2025, the application deadline is 12/01 of 2024.
  7. What does the admission process timeline look like?
    1. Applicants who have submitted all required materials by 12/01 will be notified by January 1 of the next year whether they are invited to the Interview Day. The Interview Day usually takes place sometime in late January or early February on a Friday from 8 am to 5:30 pm CST. The first round of admission decisions will be sent out by late February. The deadline for applicants to accept or decline admission offers is April 15 of each year.
  8. Is the interview required?
    1. Yes. Participation in the interview day is required to be considered for admission.
  9. What can I expect if I am invited to interview?
    1. The interview day activities include introductions of the program faculty & current students, multiple individual and group interviews, group activities, open lab hours, and/or campus tours. Most years Interview Day is conducted virtually, although that is subject to change.
  10. How many students are admitted each year?
    1. 1-5 students are admitted each year.
  11. I am interested in pursuing a master's degree in Behavioral Sciences, is this the right place to start?
    1. No. The Behavioral Science Program at UNT is designed to train future researchers with a Ph.D. degree, not master's.
  12. I do not have a Master's degree. Can I still apply for the doctoral program?
    1. Yes. Those with a either a Bachelor's degree or a Master's degree will both be considered in the admissions process if they meet the coursework requirements (e.g., completion of 24 semester credits of Psychology courses). Those entering with a Master's degree in a related field may be able to waive some required courses.
  13. How should I obtain letters of recommendations and from whom?
    1. It is strongly preferred that letters of recommendations are from professors who know you well in the academic setting. We also accept letters from current or former employers or supervisors who have direct observations on your work performance or in volunteer positions. We do not accept letters from family, friends, or those who know you in less formal settings.
  14. How long does it take to complete the program?
    1. Most students complete the program in 4-6 years.
  15. Where can I find information about the faculty and their areas of expertise?
    1. The following link has a list of all faculty within the BSci psychology program and a quick bio that share each faculty's expertise.
  16. What is the available financial support for graduate students?
    1. All students admitted to the program are provided with 20-hour assistantships, partial tuition remission (typically 12 credits per academic year), and in-state tuition rate (in applicable) for four years, pending on their good standing in the program. The assistantship positions include the following: Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant, Graduate Student Assistant, and Teaching Fellow. Additionally, the pay level will increase as you move through the program and complete various benchmarks within the program. Several competitive fellowships and scholarships are available at the department, college, and university level. Every year, a number of our students apply and receive the fellowships and scholarships.
  17. I am coming from a different state. Will I be paying for out-of-state tuition?
    1. No. One of the benefits of receiving 20-hr assistantships is "out-of-state-tuition-waiver." That is, once you have begun your program, you will be able to pay the difference in tuition (after the tuition remissions) at the in-state rate.
  18. Where do graduates from the Behavioral Science doctoral program at UNT typically find employment?
    1. Our graduates have been employed in a variety of settings, including but not limited to Post-Doc positions, research-focused academic jobs (e.g. Assistant Professor), teaching-focused academic jobs (e.g. smaller liberal arts colleges and universities), and corporate jobs (e.g. statistical consultants).
  19. Can students attend the program as a part-time student?
    1. In order to meet the residential requirement of the program policy, students must attend full-time training (register for at least 9 semester credit in each long semester) until they have completed their comprehensive/qualifying exam which usually happens in the 4th year of their training for most students.