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Welcome to the Department of Psychology. The two goals of our Ph.D. programs in Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, and Behavioral Science are to prepare students for a career in research and teaching in colleges and universities or a career as a scientist-practitioner. We are committed to excellence so that our students are well prepared for internships, post doctoral training, or first professional positions. Once you decide which type of career you want -- teacher, researcher, consultant, or therapist -- we will help you achieve it through a variety of opportunities.

We are one of the few departments in the country with two American Psychological Association accredited programs. These are our doctoral programs in Clinical Psychology and Counseling Psychology.

A hallmark of our department is the collegial atmosphere. All of our doctoral programs cooperate with each other to enhance the quality of education our students receive. Department policy allows students to conduct their research with any faculty member in the department. Faculty members accept students on their research teams based on the fit of research interests and available space. Programs also consider the match of student interests with faculty research within their programs as part of admissions. We believe that students have many opportunities to find a good fit for their research interests within their program and the larger department.

I advise you to check out our list of faculty research interests then use PsychInfo to look up faculty members and read abstracts of our work. That way you can become well informed about many of the exciting things going on in the department.


Donald M. Dougherty, Ph.D.
Department Chair and Professor

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