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  • Audin Archibald is currently pursuing the positive effects of stereotype-breaking characters on real world attitudes. Audin is completing research on the use of nevel technologies, such as virtual reality or artificial intelligence onstudent learning in- and outside of the classroom
  • Jake Hanes is a new addi t ion to the Teen Starlaboratory. There he is utilizing the Responses to Stress Questionnaire to investgate indirect relationships between coping, substance use,and mental health outcomes. He is particularly interested in involuntary and temperamentally-based coping and its role in shaping development.
  • Justin Asbee is proud that he recently completed a meta-analysis entitled "A Comparison of Virtual Reality Classroom Continuous Per formance Tests to Traditional Continuous Performance Tests in DelineatingADHD: a Meta-Analysis. " He is currently working with Dr . Slavish to revise and resubmit a paper on stress and sleep. Justin is also proud that a conference proceeding is to be published based on an oral presentation.
  • Dr . Alvin Akibar defended his dissertation in which he investigated relat ionships between experiences of discrimination, group identity, and depression symptoms, with a particular focus on LGBTQ+ emerging adults of Color . He was recently appointed to the APAGS Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity (CSOGD) , and he is now cocoordinating the CSOGD Mentorship program.
  • Nathan Kearns will begin a post-doc position at Brown University.
  • Lee Bedford just accepted a research position at the U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences.

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