UNT DEAR Lab | Department of Psychology


Within the Department of Psychology at the University of North Texas, the Disposition, Emotion, & Addiction Research Laboratory (DEAR Lab), directed by Dr. Casey Guillot, investigates the etiology and emotional and behavioral effects of substance use and other addictive behaviors. The DEAR Lab is primarily interested in the pathway of influence spanning from personality/cognitive dispositions to emotional disturbance and ending in addictive behaviors, including bi-directional relations along that pathway as well as potential moderation of the disposition-addiction pathway by positive and negative affective states and traits. This includes an interest in individual differences in general, such as how diversity in racial/ethnic or other minority backgrounds and associated factors may contribute to differential interrelations between dispositions, emotions, and addictive behaviors.

Given that genetic factors and their interactions with environmental variables also influence personality and cognition (e.g., executive functioning) as well as emotional disorders and addiction, a secondary interest of the DEAR Lab is psychiatric genetics, particularly the molecular genetics of addictive and impulsive behaviors (e.g., self-harm and aggression).