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Current Counseling Psychology Cohorts

Messages from the 2014 Cohort:

Hello from the fifth year cohort! We are a diverse group of individuals who have learned so much from each other during our time together. As fifth years, we are at the point in our training where we have branched out to pursue our respective clinical and research specialties, which is incredibly exciting! Consequently, we do not see each other as often as we have in the past, but still remain connected by our shared experiences from our first few years in the program. Some of our greatest memories include cohort dinners, working together in classes, trying to understand statistics, late night study sessions in the cube room, GASP events, and many more. We are preparing to take our first steps into our psychology professions through internship, and we are grateful for the opportunities that UNT has provided!



Messages from the 2015 Cohort:

.Our graduate school has been an adventure-filled process starting in Fall 2015:

.1st year

  • Inspirational Quote - "Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable."
  • Favorite Food - Margaritas…and tacos
  • Motto - "oh no, I hope no one notices that I don't belong"
  • Highlight - Matt and Kendra both get married! Steph explores France with her two sisters and David presents a Tedx Talk!

2nd year

  • Inspirational Humor - "Let's just change our mailing addresses to Terrill Hall."
  • Favorite Food - Free leftovers in the Clinician waiting room!
  • Motto - "*heavy breathing* woah this is harder than last year."
  • Highlight - David becomes a dad of two! Everyone begins seeing clients and Steph, Matt, Karolina, and Carlie continue working with athletic teams.

3rd year

  • Inspirational Humor - "Want to hear a joke?" "Decaf"
  • Inspirational Quote - "You either walk inside your story and own in or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness" - Brene Brown
  • Favorite Food - Caffeine
  • Motto - "cant... breathe...too much...thesis"
  • Highlight - The whole cohort completes their thesis projects! Karolina gets engaged! Laura wins the 3minute thesis award and travels abroad to China! Kendra, Laura, and David begin seeing families for therapy.

4th year

  • Inspirational Quote - "What is to give light must endure burning." Victor Frankl
  • Favorite Food - Anything Texas related (i.e. Brisket, Tacos, BBQ, more Brisket)
  • Motto - *takes long swig from custom-made flask* "yea I didn't get this far to stop now, so I'm getting that degree one way or another."
  • Highlight - To be determined, but it's going to be great!



Messages from the 2016 Cohort:

Swipe right if you enjoy long walks through Terrill Hall … at a brisk pace (we've got places to be!)

Future Psychologist Superheroes
University of North TexasLess than 3 years away!

  • Sign: We're a Gemini, sweet and spicy!
  • Height: 5'3 to 6'1, depending on posture.
  • Weight: We keep it light, but not afraid to get heavy.
  • Eye Color: Polygenotypic
  • Hobbies: Reading, reading, writing, reading, reading, reading, and writing. When we're not in Terrill Hall, you'll find us at Harvest House, LSA, Agua Dulce, Chuy's, or on our way to or from Terrill Hall.
  • Ideal Date: Cuddling in someone's living room, sipping cocktails, and enjoying each
  • other's company. Also sports, games, eating, laughing, hugging (general squad care stuff).
  • Grew up in: California, Canada, China, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico, Texas.
  • Interests: Family attachment systems, sport psychology, psychological impact of
  • injury, identity, group dynamics and intersectionality in sport, LGBT wellness, sexual identity, spirituality and mental health, multicultural identity development and cross-cultural attachment.
  • Contact: Email, text, skype, or just follow the loud people voices.

We would love to talk to you about our program, show you around our digs, or collaborate on research. Hit us up! Amanda, Ashley, Bart, Dalton, Danna, Hansong, Randi, Steve & Tess



Messages from the 2017 Cohort:

Now this is the story all about how 8 stranger's lives got flipped-turned, upside-down, so we'd like to take a minute, just sit right there, and tell you all about how we became the 2017 first years…. In 8 different cities, born and raised, in the classroom is where we spent most of our days, nerding out, studying, stressed as a fool, prepping for the absurdity of life in grad school…. When Dr. Wang and the crew, who were up to some good, started rifling through the CVs and the Applicant Pool, They took a look at our plights, probably knew we were scared, but then they moved us out to Denton, to learn how to sit in a chair.

We packed our bags and when the time came near, we walked into Terrill Hall and felt a little bit of fear. If anything, we could say this experience was weird, but we thought what the heck, yo Wang, take my years. We pulled in to our first class with the incoming 8, and we thought to ourselves we really like this place. We looked at our kingdom, we were finally there, 8 future doctors in a couple of years.



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