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Research Labs

  • Boals Laboratory (PI: Dr. Adriel Boals): Research Focus: coping with stress and trauma, autobiographical memory, PTSD, and posttraumatic growth.

  • DEAR Laboratory (PI: Dr. Casey Guillot): Research Focus: disposition, emotion, and addiction research, with a current focus on anxiety and smoking.

  • Currently taking new graduate students.

  • Kelly Laboratory (PI: Dr. Kimberly Kelly): Research Focus: immune and endocrine systems involved in the stress response.

  • Currently taking new graduate students.

  • Neurocognitive Laboratory (PI: Dr. Anthony Ryals): Research Focus: how implicit and explicit processes interact within episodic memory.

  • Currently taking new graduate students.

  • Niemann Laboratory (PI: Dr. Yolanda Flores Niemann): Research Focus: stereotypes, microaggressions, and the effects of tokenism.

  • Teen ST.A.R. Laboratory (PI: Dr. Heidemarie Blumenthal): Research Focus: anxiety, substance abuse, and developmental psychopathology.

  • Currently taking new graduate students.

  • Wright Laboratory (PI: Dr. Rex Wright): Research Focus: determinants and cardiovascular correlates of effort, with focuses on fatigue, cognitive decline, and behavioral restraint

  • Currently taking new graduate students.

  • Olson Labratory( PI: Dr. Ryan Olson) Research Focus: effects of acute and chronic exercise for improving neurocognitive function and mental health, and examining neurocognitive deficits and autonomic function in high-risk populations.

  • Currently taking new graduate students.

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