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Research Team

*accepting students for Fall 2020.

Current Graduate Students

Megan Dolan (2017)

Fallon Keegan (2018)

Graduate Research Assistants

Fallon Keegan (2018-Present): I began at UNT in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program in 2018. My interests include risk factors for developing PTSD and processes in treating PTSD and comorbid depressive and anxiety disorders. In my free time, I like drawing, making music, and catching up with friends

Megan Dolan (2017-Present): I began at UNT in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program in 2017. Broadly, my clinical and research interests focus on the factors and processes that influence treatment outcomes for trauma and stress-related disorders. I am also interested in working with the veteran population in the future. Outside of school, you can find me catching up on the latest movies and television shows as well as spending time with my family and friends.

Stephanie Caldas (2016-Present): I began at UNT in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program in 2016. I am interested in the chronic and cumulative effects of social marginalization on mental health. My clinical background in mindfulness-based therapy and research background in public health has led me to seek interdisciplinary solutions through community-based research and mixed methods to understand the impact of interventions at the individual, community, and systematic level.

Ling Jin (2017-Present): I began at UNT in the Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program in 2014. My interests include emotional regulation/expressivity, impulsivity, attachment, cultural factors, traumatic experiences, and PTSD severity among ethnic minority individuals. Additionally, I am interested in examining psychometric properties of measures using advanced statistical methods. In my free time, I like cooking, making coffee, and grocery shopping.

Monica Gerber (2016-2017): I began at UNT in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program in 2013. My research and clinical interests broadly revolve around trauma and cross-cultural issues in psychology, particularly with displaced populations and survivors of human rights abuses. Outside of graduate school, I enjoy teaching yoga, cooking and eating good food with friends and family, and experiencing the Denton community

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Christina Cantu (2018-2019): I began at UNT in 2015. I am working towards my second bachelor's degree in preparation for graduate school. My research interests are in adult generativity, assessment, and the predictors of success in terms of work/life balance. I am the vice-president of the UNT chapter of Psi Chi, and I love to paint.

Joseph Koh (2017-2019): I began at the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science at UNT in 2017. I am interested in research focused on mental illnesses associated with trauma and life events such as PTSD. In the future, I plan to complete my undergraduate degree in neuroscience and enter medical school while continuing research on mental illness. Outside of research, my interests include tasting different cuisine, reading, and playing sports like basketball and tennis.

Seanne O'Hara (2017-2019): I began at UNT in 2015 as an undergraduate student, working towards a BA in psychology, exploring a direction for a minor. My current research focus is on mental trauma related to post traumatic stress disorder, and I am interested in working with veterans in the future. When I have a little free time I love to cook, travel, or catch up on my favorite book series.

Shelby Thornton (2017-2019): I began in 2015 as a psychology student at UNT. I am broadly interested in clinical psychology and research on the effects of stigmatization on mental health. Outside of classes I am the current president of the UNT sailing team and am a dog mother to two.

Sara Koh (2017-2018): I began at the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science at UNT in 2016. My research interests center around mental health and trauma-related mental illnesses such as post-traumatic stress disorder in psychology. I plan on completing my undergraduate studies with a psychology and statistics degree and continue conducting interdisciplinary research. Outside of school, I enjoy volunteering at local nursing homes, playing tennis or the guitar, or reading.

Kelsey Oudshoorn (2016-2018): I began at UNT in 2014 seeking a Bachelor of Science in Psychology along with minors in Theatre and Spanish. I plan to become a therapist and am very excited to determine where my research interests lie while gaining experience in this lab. I like to spend time with friends, family, and my dogs. I also enjoy immersing myself in fellowship and musical theatre.

Jackeline Marquez (2016-2017): I began at UNT in 2013 seeking BA in Psychology. After UNT, I will be seeking a Master's in Counseling Psychology at TWU in Houston, TX. My end goal is to become a therapist and work in the downtown medical center, specifically, at the MD Anderson Cancer Center. My research interests lie on the effects of minority status on mental and physical health. Aside from academia, I enjoy new experiences ranging from food to outdoor adventures. I also enjoy volunteer work.

2018-2019 Research Team

Top row, left to right: Christina Cantu, Seanne O'Hara, Stephanie Caldas, Megan Dolan, and Ateka Contractor; bottom row: Fallon Keegan, Shelby Thornton, and Ling Jin

2017-2018 Research Team

Left to right: Joseph Koh, Megan Dolan, Stephanie Caldas, Ateka Contractor, Sara Koh, and Seanna O'Hara

2016-2017 Research Team

Left to right: Monica Gerber, Stephanie Caldas, Ateka Contractor, Jackeline Marquez, and Kelsey Oudshoorn


Dr. Jon D. Elhai, Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Toledo

Dr. Cherie Armour, Reader, Ulster University,

Dr. Nicole Weiss, Assistant Professor, University of Rhode Island

Dr. Michelle E. Roley, Post-doctoral fellow, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Dr. M. Tracie Shea, Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Brown University; and Psychologist, Providence VA Medical Center

Dr. Melissa Mitchell, Clinical Psychology Postdoctoral Fellow, Summa Health Traumatic Stress Center

Dr. Anne Banducci, Staff Psychologist, Boston VA Healthcare System

Dr. Sheila Frankfurt, Post-doctoral fellow, Central Texas Veterans Health Care System

Dr. Lily Brown, Assistant Professor, Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety

Dr. Katherine Dixon-Gordon, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Dr. Talya Greene, Senior Lecturer, Department of Community Mental Health, University of Haifa, Israel

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