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Interested in Joining the Research Team?

Graduate Student Applicant Information

Students with the following characteristics will best fit the lab culture:

  1. Students with research interests that align with and have incremental value to the research endeavors of the lab.
  2. Students primarily interested in a research-oriented career. However, I do understand that career trajectories and preferenes do change over time. Even if a student does intend to pursue a practitioner-oriented career, I do expect a dedication to research and publications during their time at UNT.
  3. Students who are able to work as a team member.
  4. Students who want to pursue their own independent projects in alignment with the research interests of the lab.

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Undergraduate Student Application Information

Students need to have an interest in research alignining with the research projects of the lab, and need to commit to a collaboratively decided time and responsibilities plan. As part of the lab, students will benefit from

  • familiarizing themselves with the research process;
  • learning to critically evaluate existing research and developing new ideas; and
  • hands-on-mentorship. There may be a possibility for students to pursue their own project if deemed feasible and appropriate.

Please review the S.TR.E.S.S. Lab rules if there is interest in joing the lab. Students who are interested in being a part of the research team can contact Dr. Contractor at

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