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Scientia Conquisitor Lab

The Scientia Conquisitor Lab or SC Lab translates to, "The Knowledge Seekers" Lab. We chose this name to unify the diverse research interests of Dr. Kaminski and her research team.

The SC Lab is united by an excitement for research projects that can be readily applied to improve the lives of vulnerable or disadvantaged people. For example, our lab team of one faculty member, six graduate students and 6-20 undergraduate research assistants is currently working on several diverse projects including:

  1. Predictors and correlates of body dissatisfaction among sexual and ethnic minority and majority men across the body size and shape spectrum

  2. Assessing and differentiating PTSD from Complex PTSD among childhood, intimate partner, & combat trauma survivors to enable diagnostic homogeneity for further treatment research

  3. Studying the experiences of college students with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to better understand their unique needs & most effective coping methods

  4. Investigating the associated features of various types of body dissatisfaction among college men to inform prevention and intervention efforts

***Note for 2019 applicants to the UNT Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program: If Dr. Kaminski accepts a new graduate student next year, this student will need to be interested in expanding the current Complex PTSD research projects.

Webpage created by Patricia L. Kaminski, PhD, Justin Litvin, MS, and Andrew Pereira, MS
Last updated 9/13/18

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