Ingrid Hogge | Department of Psychology

Ingrid Hogge

Assistant Professor
TH 364

Research Page:

PhD: Southern Illinois University, 2017

Research Summary: I am a counseling psychologist who studies trauma and suicide from multicultural perspectives. While I am interested in trauma and stress broadly, my work tends to focus on sexual trauma including childhood sexual abuse and sexual violence against men. Additionally, I am interested in exploring relational and cultural factors in suicide risk and prevention (e.g., self-concealment, interpersonal theory of suicide, shame). My research often includes analysis of gender, ethnicity, and other intersecting social positions to better understand and respond to trauma and suicide. I use both qualitative and quantitative methods in my research. I accept students interested in the minority wellness cluster. I am open to working with students from the other clusters who have a demonstrated interest in overlapping topics.

Dr. Hogge will be taking new students for the 2024 Admissions Cycle.