Danica C. Slavish | Department of Psychology

Danica C. Slavish

Assistant Professor
(940) 369-5222
TH 372

PhD: The Pennsylvania State University, 2017

Research Interests: Dr. Slavish is a health psychologist interested in examining the behavioral and physiological pathways linking sleep, stress, and health over time. In the Sleep and Health in Everyday Life (SHEL) Lab, we investigate a number of research questions, including: 1) why some people experience impaired sleep, both generally and day-to-day, 2) how inflammation may be a mediator between sleep, circadian disruption, and disease, 3) how emotion and stress reactivity are bidirectionally associated with sleep, and 4) how these relationships vary across different populations. To assess these constructs, we use experience-sampling designs (e.g., ecological momentary assessment), ambulatory psychophysiology assessments (e.g., actigraphy, EEG), and longitudinal data analyses.