Trent Petrie | Department of Psychology

Trent Petrie

TH 368

PhD: Ohio State University, 1991
Internship: CSU-Long Beach Counseling Center

Research Interests: Sport Psychology practice and professional issues; Mental Health and Psychological Well-Being of Athletes; Eating Disorders and Body Image in Sport; Psychological Antecedents, Consequences, and Recovery from Athletic Injury; Achievement Motivation and Grit Sport; Retirement from Sport; Diversity and Social Justice in Sport.

Current Doctoral Students Working with Dr. Petrie (

Dr. Douglas Michael Hankes (Director of Student Counseling & Psychological Services Staff, Auburn Univeristy)

Dr. Regan Lester Rodriquez (Licensed Psychologist; private practice, Austin, TX)

Dr. Annette Helmcamp (Licensed Psychologist, Lifeworks)

Dr. Courtney Ellen Johnson (Licensed Psychologist, private practice, Wichita KS)

Dr. Jonnalee Barta (Licensed Psychologist, private practice)

Dr. David Falkstein (Licensed Psychologist and Specialist in School Psychology, Dr. David L. Falkstein, Ph.D. and Associates)

Dr. Bob Harmison (Director of Sport Psychology, James Madison University)

Dr. Christine Selby (Licensed Psychologist and Certified Eating Disorders Specialist, Selby Psychological Services)

Dr. Jessica Lea Varnado

Dr. Shawn Anthony Stoever (Licensed Psychologist; Senior Director, WinShape Foundation)

Dr. Michelle Joshua (Sport Psychologist, NC State University Athletics)

Dr. Pejcharat Jane Harvey

Dr. Gretchen Jones Hill

Dr. Courtney Brooks Albinson (Associate Director for Outreach and Education, Northwestern University)

Dr. Elizabeth M Boyer (Sport Psychologist, Northwest Performance Psychology)

Dr. Jennifer Wolf Bradford (Licensed Psychologist and Co-Founder, Preston Hollow Health & Wellness)

Dr. Jonathan Chisholm Wildman (Senior Client Partner, Korn Ferry)

Dr. Christopher Bader (Sport Psychologist, University of Arkansas)

Dr. Latisha Bader (Clinical Director, Women's Recovery)

Dr. Ariane Leigh Smith Machin (Sport Psychologist, North Carolina State University Athletics)

Dr. Carmen Tebbe Priebe (Contract Psychologist - Department of Athletics, University of Iowa)

Dr. Nikel Ayanna Rogers Wood (Licensed Psychologist, Rice Psychology Group)

Dr. Carlin Mahan Anderson (Licensed Psychologist, Premier Sport Psychology; Sport Psychologist, for the USA Curling National Team)

Dr. Megan Elizabeth Brannan (Psychologist, Brannan Psychology, PLLC)

Dr. Michael Blaine McFarland (Psychologist, McFarland Psychology, PLLC)

Dr. Erica Catherine Force (Head of Athletic Counseling Services, Georgetown University Athletics)

Dr. Dustin Michael Johnson (Assistant Director for Outreach and Mental Health Initiatives, Auburn University Student Counseling & Psychological Services)

Dr. Sarah Ramby Phillips

Dr. Matthew Roy Atkins (Licensed Psychologist, private practice, Edina MN)

Dr. Laura DiPasquale (Assistant Director/Director of Training Eating Disorders Coordinator, Florida Atlantic University)

Dr. Whitney Neal Hasbrouck (Licensed Psychologist, US Air Force, Fairchild AF Base)

Dr. Harlan Ross Austin (Director of Clinical Quality, Center for Dependency, Addiction and Rehabilitation)

Dr. Nicholas Beck (Licensed Psychologist, SYNERGY psych)

Dr. Sara Mitchell (Sport Psychologist, United States Olympic Committee)

Dr. Troy Rieck (licensed psychologist, Canada)

Dr. Justine Chatterton (senior clinical psychologist, Adult Psychiatry Clinic of Hennepin Healthcare)

Dr. Sally Dockendorff (Post-doctoral Fellow; Eating Recovery Center, Dallas)

Dr. Troy Alexander Moles (Staff Psychologist, Miami University Athletics)

Dr. Joseph P Ramaeker (Sport Psychology Specialist, University of Notre Dame University Counseling Center)

Dr. Thomas Nguyen (Clinical Neuropsychologist, Baylor Scott & White, Dallas)

Dr. Alexander Brian Yu (Staff Psychologist, Counseling Center, CSU-Sacramento)

Dr. Alex Auerbach (Director of Clinical and Sport Psychology, University of Arizona Athletics)

Dr. Kayla Carrigan (Staff Clinician at the University of Tulsa)

Dr. Matt Schumacher (Psychologist, Simply Thrice Psychotherapy)

Dr. Bailey Tackett (Post Doctoral Fellow at Eating Recovery Center, Dallas)

Dr. Alexandra Thompson (Coordinator of Behavioral Health, Duke University Athletics)

Dr. Shelly Sheinbein (Licensed Psychologist, Cross Over Health, California)

Dr. Petrie is taking new students for the 2024 Admissions Cycle.