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Dr. Casey Guillot is an Assistant Professor of Psychology in the Behavioral Science Program (B Sci Program website) at the University of North Texas (UNT) and the Director of the Disposition, Emotion, & Addiction Research (DEAR) Laboratory. Dr. Guillot received his BS in Psychology and MS in General/Experimental Psychology from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and his PhD in Experimental Psychology from The University of Southern Mississippi, and he completed postdoctoral training at the University of Southern California. His research interests include addictive behaviors, psychopharmacology, experimental psychopathology, personality, affective disturbance, psychiatric genetics, executive functioning, and aggression/self-harm, and he is currently teaching the following two courses: Psychology of Addictive Behaviors (PSYC 3300) and History and Systems of Psychology (PSYC 4600).

Dr. Guillot's:

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Curriculum Vitae

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Graduate Students

Joseph Vilches is a first-year student in the UNT Behavioral Science Program. His research interests include the neural and psychological mechanisms involved in addictive behaviors. After graduation, he plans to a pursue a career in academia.

Joseph Vilches' Curriculum Vitae

Macey Arnold is a first-year student in the UNT Counseling Psychology Program. Her research interests focus on athlete well-being and sports environments, with more specific interests in investigating eating behaviors and body image perceptions in athletes and in conducting research with athletes who identify as transgender and gender diverse. She intends to pursue a career as a culturally conscious clinician, researcher, and educator.

Macey Arnold's Curriculum Vitae

Post-Baccalaureate Volunteers

Alexia Wilson obtained a BA in Psychology from UNT in 2019 and plans to pursue a master's degree in Counseling Psychology from Texas Woman's University. Her research interests include mood disorders, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). After obtaining her master's degree, she hopes to work in a rehabilitation center where she can aid those struggling with addictive behaviors.

Undergraduate Students

Abigail Cotton is a fourth-year undergraduate student at the UNT. Abigail is interested in research topics relating to the use of art therapy as a tool in aiding rehabilitation and substance abuse. She is studying to become an art therapist and is excited to be involved in DEAR Lab.

Jade Rice is a third-year undergraduate student at UNT with a major in Psychology and a minor in Biology. Her research interests include cognitive psychology, the brain and its role in mood disorders, psychopharmacology, and positive psychology. After graduation she plans to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

Frequent Collaborators

Raina Pang, PhD, Assistant Professor of Research and Director of the Psychosocialbiology Of Women's health & Emotion Research (POWER) Lab at USC (

Mitchell Berman, PhD, Professor of Psychology and Director of the Clinical Studies Lab at Mississippi State University (

Adam Leventhal, PhD, Professor of Preventive Medicine and Director of the Health, Emotion, & Addiction Lab at the University of Southern California (

Michael Zvolensky, PhD, Professor of Psychology and Director of the AHRL-SUTC at Univ. of Houston (

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