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The Clinical Research Institute is located within the Psychology Clinic. Applied research projects designed to promote knowledge in the field of psychology and improve clinical services are conducted on an ongoing basis. If there are projects that you are eligible for, we can let you know but you are in no obligation to perticipate. Your treatment is not contigent on your particiaption in research.

Recent Past Projects

Explaining the Relationship between Borderline Personality Features and Suicidal Ideation

Impact of Clinician Expectations on Termination Status and Therapeutic Outcome: A Delay Discounting Model

Supervisors, Trainees, and Client Outcomes in the Training Clinic: Toward an Understanding of Relational Factors

Role of Values in Psychotherapy Process and Outcome

Personality Styles and Substance Abuse in a University Sample

Attention deficit studies

Therapeutic Alliance

Impact of Client Stuttering on Therapists Perceptions

Parenting and Attachment Style

Personality Assessment Study

Families & Futures Project

Emotional Intelligence and Psychotherapy Outcomes in the Training Clinic

Examining the Effects of Negative Mood, Impulsivity and Substance Use on Behavior