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About the Clinic


The Psychology Clinic is a non-profit clinic that serves as a supervised training facility for advanced Ph.D.-level student clinicians. Every trainee is supervised by a licensed psychologist, and all of our clients receive the benefits of a licensed psychologist's supervisory expertise and oversight. Because we are a non-profit training clinic, we can provide clients with professional, confidential psychological services based on a reduced - cost sliding scale. We work with each client individually to determine affordable rates for our services.


The mission of the Clinic is threefold: Professional Training, Scientific Research and Community Service. Professional, Competent training in clinical services and research is offered to graduate students in the applied programs of the Department of Psychology. Psychology Clinic services are directed toward prevention, evaluation, and intervention.

Who Provides Services

The Clinic staff is comprised of teams of licensed psychologists and doctoral-level psychology students who provide therapy and psychological testing to adults, adolescents, children, couples and families. The doctoral-level trainees are students in the APA-accredited Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology and Clinical Health/Behavior Medicine Psychology programs at The University of North Texas. We strive to provide professional, confidential services and referrals to every client.

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