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Student Research

Masters Theses

  1. Megan Dolan; Master's Thesis Proposal Chair (Spring 2018). "The effect of trauma experiences and PTSD severity on positive memory recall and memory phenomenology."
  2. Jabeen Shamji; Master's Thesis Proposal Committee Member (Spring 2018). "Intergenerational patterns of aggression: Social cognitive processes in perspective-taking and aggressive behavior in young adults' romantic relationships."
  3. Audon Archibald; Master's Thesis Proposal Committee Member (Fall 2018). "Implicit and explicit racial attitude responses to casts of video game characters."
  4. Hannah Walsh; Master's Thesis Proposal Committee Member (Fall 2017, Spring 2018). "An examination of the language of psychopaths: Differences in prosodic channels of communication in psychopathic and non-psychopathic offenders."
  5. Nathan Kearns; Master's Thesis Proposal and Defense Committee Member (Spring, Fall 2017). "Effects of bodily arousal on desire to drink alcohol among trauma-exposed emerging adult college students."
  6. Daniel Mark; Master's Thesis Proposal Committee Member (Fall 2017). "Contribution of psychopathic traits in the prediction of generalized prejudice."

Doctoral Dissertations

  1. Ling Jin; Doctoral Dissertation Committee Member (Spring 2018). "Cross-cultural adult attachment, assertiveness, self-conscious emotions, and psychological symptoms."
  2. Emily Raiche; Doctoral Dissertation Committee Member (Fall 2018). "The role of combat exposure, moral injury, and trauma symptoms in the lives of military families."
  3. Leyla Erguder; Doctoral Dissertation Committee Member (Fall 2018). "An investigation of the influence of intolerance, fundamental attribution error, optimism, and experiential avoidance on personal psychological distress."

Honor's Research Projects

  1. Noah Phillips; Honors Thesis Proposal Committee Member (Spring 2019). "Post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms and alcohol problems: Testing for moderation by trauma exposure, type, and load."
  2. Caitlyn Thomas; Committee member for Honors Thesis Proposal (Fall 2017, Spring 2018). "Adult attachment, religious coping, and disordered eating behaviors in college students."
  3. Kelsey Oudshoorn; Honors College Mentored Research Experience (Spring 2017). Poster titled "Examination of the relation between number of traumatic experiences and psychopathology" submitted to UNT Scholar's Day.
  4. Darby McMain; Honors Contract (Spring 2017). Literature review on "PTSD as a memory-based disorder."


Congratulations to Megan Dolan, recipient of the 2019 Anna Wright Memorial Scholarship, Stephanie Caldas, recipient of the 2019 Ernest H. Harrell Memorial Scholarship, and Christina Cantu, recipient of the 2019 Louis C. Weber Scholarship for Psi Chi Award!

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