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Thoughts from Current Students

"It's amazing to be a part of a program that genuinely cares so much about its students. I have continued to be impressed by the commitment of both faculty and upper year students to ensuring my academic and research success. Further, having an onsite clinic and incredibly skilled clincial supervisors has proven invaluable for my clinical training." - Allison

"I chose the clinical psychology program at UNT for its focus on research and clinical assessment. In those domains as well as others (e.g., therapy), I have never received more opporutnities for growth and structured mentorship. Additionally, the camaraderie between faculty and students have created a supportive environment in which we are allowed to pursue our academic and professional goals to bcome psychological professionals with a variety of career options. I strongly recommend this program to anyone interested in pursuing clinical psychology with a focus on developing a strong foundation in psychological assessment." - Sandeep

"This program offers diverse research and clinical training opportunities and a supportive and involved faculty. I can't imagine a better place to complete my training." - Anne

"The faculty in UNT's clinical program do more than just train clinical and research skills… I feel that they care a great deal about my personal and professional development as well. I get a great sense that the faculty and more advanced students have a commitment to excellence in training, and this really makes the program shine." - Daniel

"I was initially drawn to UNT becuase it truly follows a scientist-practitioner philosophy. However, it was my interview day that convinced me that UNT was right for me. I appreciated how open the students and faculty were about all aspects of the program but most importantly everyone impressed me as people I would enjoy spending the next several years working with." - Jeff

"Even with a focus on research I recognize and appreicate the stellar clinical training offered by this program, and I am very confident that I will be not only prepared for internship, but a competitive applicant. Closer to my personal interest, I am continually impressed with and excited about the research collaboration within the program, and even across the counseling and experimental programs." - Danielle

"I truly appreciate the diversity on-campus and the support from the faculty and students. The challenges of being an international student were quickly mitigated by friendly staff members, fellow graduate course mates (whom I call friends!), and the many resources and assistance from the program and from the university". - Suzanne

"Being a graduate student and a mom has been both very hard and extremely rewarding. In addition to the comprehensive training, the faculty and students of this program have created an atmosphere of community and support that has allowed me to grow personally and professionally as a clinician, researcher, and teacher." - Teresa

"In addition to the excellent research, clinical, and assessment training provided by the clinical psychology program, I have found myself most impressed by the warm, welcoming, and supportive environment here at UNT. Anytime I need help I can ask any of the faculty or my fellow clinical students knowing they will not only answer my question but provide me with resources to help solve the problem in the future. I have no doubt that this genuinely friendly and supportive environment allows me to get the most out of my training, and leave here well prepared for my future career." - Patrick

The Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology at the University of North Texas is accredited by the American Psychological Association, Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation, 750 First Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002-4242. 202-336-5979 Email: Web:

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