Graduate Applications | Department of Psychology

Graduate Applications

The application deadline depends on the program you are applying for.

Program Deadline
Behavioral Science December 1
Clinical Psychology December 1
Counseling Psychology December 1

How to apply

You must submit two applications: (1) the UNT graduate school and (2) our department.

Graduate School Application

View instructions on how to complete the graduate school application by visiting the How to Apply for Graduate Programs page on the UNT graduate school website. We recommend completing this first, as it takes several weeks for all of your materials to be obtained.

Department of Psychology Application

To complete the department application process, you will need to submit an application through this submission portal. The documents and materials you will need are listed in the following steps. No email submissions (or hand delivered) will be reviewed. Only applications submitted via our website will be reviewed.

  1. Download our Application Form and complete it as described in our comprehensive set of Application Instructions. You must save your application before you upload it to our system. Otherwise, your work will be lost and all we will see is a blank application.
  2. Ensure you have electronic copies of the additional following documents:
    • Your resume
    • Your transcripts
    • Statement of Goals for each of the programs you are applying to
    • Your GRE score report
    • Any additional materials you would like to be reviewed
  3. Login to this site to submit your documents by creating an application.
  4. Receive at least 3 letters of recommendation, which are also submitted online. Instructions on how to submit a recommendation will be emailed to the addresses you provide for each recommender.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login?

If you have a UNT EUID, you may login with it and your corresponding password. If you do not have a UNT EUID, you will need to login using one of the account providers listed above the login form. Click on the icon of one you have an account with, such as Google, Yahoo, or AOL, to get started.

If you are getting error messages when logging in to edit an application, please try the following: restart computer; choose "reset password" option.

How do I create or edit my application?

When you login, the login form will be replaced with a set of buttons. If you have not created an application, you will be presented with a Create an application button. If you have already submitted an application, you will instead see both View my application and Edit my application buttons. You must SAVE your PDF application before you submit it. Otherwise, all we will see is a blank application. Please confirm your completed PDF application submitted properly by checking it after submission.

How do I "submit" my application? I don't see a "submit" button...

Once you click the "save" button at the bottom of the webpage your application is submitted. You may continue to edit it until the deadline, but there is no further action required.

How do I get the recommendations I need?

On your application, you will fill in contact information for 3 people you want recommendations from. When you submit your application, those people will be emailed at the addresses you provide with a web address to your recommendation form. This web address is provided to you on the bottom of your form if you would like to give it to them or additional people on your own.

Where can I check the status of my recommendations?

Login and view your application. To the left of your application, you should see a Recommendations Received section with the appropriate notifications. When you have received a recommendation, it will list who it was from and when it was submitted in this section.

Can I email or hand deliver my appliation materials?

No. We must apply a uniform process across all applicants. Only materials submitted through the portal will be reviewed.

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