Evidence-based Training and Competencies Research Lab | Department of Psychology

Evidence-based Training and Competencies Research Lab

The path to redressing disparities that improve psychological services among disadvantaged populations must be grounded in science and consistently oriented towards the best available evidence. The Evidence-based Training and Competencies (Etc) Research Lab is committed to improving psychological services and client outcomes among under-served and disadvantaged populations via careful inquiries that elucidate client and therapist variables, as well as the contributions of training and supervisors. The Lab Director, Dr. Jennifer Callahan, conceptualizes doctoral training to be a systems level intervention with lasting effects across the career lifespan of any given psychologist. Those effects may be particularly impactful in underserved areas where few providers exist. As such, Dr. Callahan is committed to close mentorship and high standards in her work with students to optimally prepare them for careers of maximum impact. All students, regardless of career goal, are committed to developing the foundational knowledge and essential competencies necessary to engage in curating and acting upon the best available evidence in their future work. We invite you to explore this website to learn more about our work.