Avatar-Administered Neuropsychological Test | Department of Psychology

Avatar-Administered Neuropsychological Test

Dr. Parsons is currently Partnering PI (with SoarTech) on a Department of Defense (TATRC) funded ($998,888) grant that aims to develop Avatar-Administered Neuropsychological Test (AVANT). W81XWH-14-C-0016

This funding mechanism represents Phase 2 funding for SBIR (Soar Technology) topic A13-090 - Advanced Automated Assessment of Cognitive Changes Associated with Brain Injury and Neurological Disease. The work focuses on developing an artificially intelligent for neurocognitive assessment. The automated language-based assessment system is primarily self-administering with clearly presented directions to a patient using both visual illustrations and avatar-based verbal instructions. Computational modeling of user neurocognitive and psychophysiological responses enhances the cognitive architecture.

Current Tasks:
- Extend and Augment Language and Behavior
- Enact an Engaging Look-and-Feel
- Implement Dynamically Tailored Assessment
- Develop a neuropsychological assessment screen and validate
- Apply Flexible Scoring and Reporting

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