CNS Lab (Parsons) | Department of Psychology

CNS Lab (Parsons)

The research program of the Computational Neuropsychology and Simulation (CNS) Lab (PI: Dr. Thomas D. Parsons) lies at the intersection of neuropsychology and novel technologies. The aim is to understand individual and social cognition via emerging technologies and ecologically valid simulations.

Research Focus: The CNS Lab uses novel technologies (human-computer interfaces, virtual/augmented reality, video games) and novel data analytics (neuroinformatics; artificial neural networks; machine learning) for assessment/training of neurocognitive and affective functions.

Training Focus: The CNS Lab aims to produce well-trained psychologists devoted to the continuous development of an empirical knowledge base in neuropsychology, cyberpsychology, and human-computer interactions. Students are prepared for employment in academic and industry settings.

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