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Argosy Closure Response

Doctoral students in clincial psychology who have been impacted by the March 2019 closure of Argosy University may be able to continue their education with us. Decisions will be made on an individual basis to ensure high quality education for new as well as existing students. The following considerations are important before contacting us about this possiblity:

We require a minimum of two years of residency within the program (you will need to live here) PRIOR to completion of a one-year internship (please see for information on internship).

A minimum of 60 credit hours must be completed at UNT (this can include credit hours associated with internsihp and dissertation).

We can accept up to 30 hours of transfer credit. You will also need to provide copies of your syllabi for review and approval.

Current Texas residents who will contribute to the developement of a diverse workforce responsive to underserved minority populations in the State of Texas are particularly encouraged to contact us.

If the above are acceptable to you, please follow the same instructions for all applicants. IN ADDITION, please email the Director of Clinical Training to alert her that you are an Argosy closure impacted student.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

How important is the GRE?

  • We consider them in the context of our holistic review process. You can read more about what we look for in admission via our program manual (available on this website under the "current students" tab).

What should I do if I cannot reach Argosy faculty to secure letters of recommendation?

  • Letters of recommendation do not have to be current. It is okay to recycle letters from when you applied to Argosy. If you can include a current letter, that would be very much appreciated (a practicum supervisor would be a great fit) but we do realize that the abrupt closure of Argosy may make it very difficult to secure letters of rec from faculty specifically.

I have data gathered already. Can I bring it with me?

  • We have a mechanism in place for use of archival research data for use in dissertation work. If you want, you can take a look at the "current students" tab on our program website. You'll find the form there (it's called "self-initiated archival dataset form") as well as a link to our full Program Manual detailing expectations for the dissertation. Be sure you retain your IRB approval letter and house all data in accordance with the plan that was approved by that IRB. If admitted, we will assist you thereafter with next steps.

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